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Book Launch Team

Book Launch Team 


I have formed a Facebook Book Launch Team to promote my books when they are due to be published.

I am a relatively unknown author in the wide world of writers and my success relies on my readers, reviewers, and social media promoters and launch teams.

If you would like to be a part of my launch team, the only commitment is to support me where you can by reading and providing a review on the site you bought my book from.


You will receive my newsletters, promotions and discounts as they come available. Plus, if you provide a photo of yourself holding my books or with my ebooks, with your permission your photo will appear on my websites and author promotional pages. I enjoy communicating with my promotional and launch teams.

*NOTE: If you are to join this launch team It would be great. Especially if you are committed to read, review and promote my books!


The second of the series is underway now. Publishing will happen within the coming six months.


To join…..