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The Fortune Seekers – Dan and Charlotte

Courageous decisions need to be made, by both Dan and Charlotte. Both are seeking to escape confusing religious doctrinal beliefs in the eighteenth century within Wales and England. Charlotte additionally struggles with medical beliefs of the time.

Dan – a deep thinker, challenges accepted beliefs of a Christian denomination gaining converts throughout the century,- is branded a rebellious non conformist.

Charlotte – sees ahead  a lifetime of shame and disgrace.

Choices are made. In making them, they separately begin adventurous and challenging lives, – joining the thousands of emigrants who join the early pioneers in Australia.

The hardships of supporting large families, dealing with  grief and poverty during the Australian gold rush years, come alive. The reality of realising real love, changes everything.

Both characters have the wanderlust gene, – as one in four of our population are suspected of possessing. Believed to be the reason many people are unsettled and motivated, who leave the familiar, choosing to go into the unknown. For the twenty first century reader, the reality of what our ancestors’ lives were like will be understood.



This book is very nicely written, has black & white photographs to embolden …, August 28, 2016.   (Four stars)

By Tim I Gurung

This review is from: The Fortune Seekers Dan and Charlotte: Book One of a Series (Kindle Edition)

This book is not only a historical novel but also a history by itself and everyone who has roots from the British side must read this book. The book is very nicely written, has black & white photographs to embolden the story, and make you feel like you were traveling with them. I also learned a little piece of history, e.g. why it has anything to do with the word ‘bastards’ and I am grateful to the writer for clearing that as well. While reading this book, I couldn’t help but felt like I was watching those old Western movies when people were moving around and living a life of gypsies. It is definitely a very good book, easy but interesting reading and the highly recommended. The book is quite long though, so, prepare yourself for a long and enjoyable ride. I am not sure if it was based on true story but I genuinely felt that way.


A Synopsis

THE FORTUNE SEEKERS - Dan and Charlotte
Written by Glennis Browne

Once the reader is past the introductory pages, the journey begins. It's a story inspired by real events; allowing the reader to explore their imaginations of times gone past.

Short chapters and well spaced paragraphs makes easy reading.

Part thriller, part historic events. This 'can't put me down' book becomes excitingly rakish .
The scenes and fine descriptions of the hardships combined with the dedication and love, gives the reader an interesting insight of life from the 1700s in Wales. Moving on to the trials of stamina and determination. Finally arriving in Australia as settlers and seekers, in a new life of adventure.

The Authors sequel is awaited as this story comes to finality.

A story well suited for a T.V. Series.

Owen S. Powell . J.P. M.Sc.